Intellectual properties

The protection of intellectual property is a fundamental interest of every economic company, especially in the case of a brand, a product name. In the course of their activities, companies very often create intellectual properties, the right to exclusive use of which should be ensured in the manner permitted by law. The two major branches of intellectual property rights are copyright and industrial property rights (trademark, invention, patent, design, plant varieties, geographical indications). Our task is to support you and to find the best solution. Intellectual property rights and intellectual property protection in our law firm: learn about our service!

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Legal advice to select the appropriate protection

The purpose of intellectual property protection is, for example, to link a single logo or name to your brand. Our professionals assess the nature of your product or service and propose a legal solution to ensure that your intellectual product remains unique and irrepetible.

Settlement of infringements

In the event of copyright infringement or trademark infringement, we will also undertake legal representation in front of the offices and courts.

We provide assistance with registration of individual intellectual creations and trademarks:

Our professionals will represent you before the relevant local and international offices and authorities. At the same time, you can pass on the burden of documentation paperwork into professional hands.


Trademark application: if you want to ensure a clear identification of your goods or services, we recommend to use our trademark application service. For most goods and services, the trademark is a big advantage in marketing and market competition: its business partners, customers take it more seriously.

Copyright protection in our law firm: the protection of literary, scientific and artistic works is guaranteed by copyright, which is a priority area for our practice. Contact with confidence our prepared professionals with queries in the fields of publishing, film and music, theatre and fine arts.

Create license agreements for the use of software or applications: You can also use the service of our office if your product or service is related to the IT field and stipulates its distribution and resale in a user and customer contract.

Know-how compilation: in addition to the traditional intellectual property protection areas, you can also entrust us with the legal provision of business and technological know-how, ie protected knowledge.

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