Preparation Of GTC

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of e-commerce, many services and products are available online. Websites, webshops and software must comply with a rapidly changing legislation environment, which is often a major challenge for companies. Moreover, the authorities are increasingly monitoring digital businesses, so the exact wording of the GTC is more urgent than ever before.

In many cases, the free or very cheap GTC sample templates available on the Internet are not legally professional, and the use of such patterns does not provide adequate assistance to address specific needs. If you want a professionally guaranteed and custom-made solution for your business, please feel free to contact us. In recent years, our lawyers have provided professional support to numerous companies in preparation of general terms and conditions.

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Professional GTC preparation for our clients

We often encounter the question of whether it is sufficient to copy or rewrite the contract of another website in the case of the GTC published online. The answer, of course, is no: each website requires a unique and individual GTC for legal operation. During the consultation, our professionals will ask you about the operation of your website and business, after which they will compile a completely customized document.

Unique, professional webshop GTC

Legislation applicable to digital businesses changes from time to time, which must be followed by the general terms and conditions. The official materials available on the website must also be up to date. We create policies for any web store, service, application, or SaaS business to ensure that your company complies with the law


Webshop GTC update: many people forget the importance of updating the terms and conditions already uploaded. If you published documents related to your operation when your webshop started a few years ago, it is worth updating them and supplementing them with regard to the new processes that have developed in the meantime. Our expert lawyers will review and revise the old GTC document.

If you are launching your webshop now: all websites operating in the field of e-commerce must have an up-to-date GTC, as the information and rights of customers must be properly ensured during online sales as well.

When selling mobile applications or software: we also develop the terms and conditions of SaaS programs, applications and PC software in our office. We also have experience in digital products and services.

Service companies: service companies such as IT, music and marketing companies must also provide their customers with the legal general terms and conditions.

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